To potential buyers, what’s out in the front yard and in behind a house can be just as important as what’s inside it. Spending a little time (and money) elevating the outdoor areas can have a significant payoff when the offers start rolling in this selling season.

When it comes to outdoor living spaces, small investments can make a really big impact.

Colour Blocking

Take a page from a popular fashion trend and transpose its traits into your landscape design. Pick out a patio wall and paint it a bold colour (or, if you’re feeling adventurous, two or three in the same tonal family) or colour block your flower beds! It creates a visual frame to highlight any outdoor amenities such as an outdoor fire pit or row of potted plants.

More Than Just A Lawn

Instead of investing hundreds of dollars trying to fix a neglected lawn, take the path less trodden. Lawn alternatives, such as wild grasses and wild-flower mixes, are starting to sprout up everywhere, thanks to growing awareness around traditional lawn maintenance (fertilizers, water usage, etc.)

Light It Up

Give the backyard a boost with a set of cafe string lights crisscrossing just so. Illuminating outdoor spaces with these trendy trestles creates an inviting vintage vibe that begs potential buyers to pull up a chair and settle in for the night (and every night after that).

Eat Up

Harness the momentum of the “foodscaping” movement and plant a vegetable garden. A couple of box planters brimming with fresh parsley, salad greens and zucchini vines shows that this home is all about homegrown.
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