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How much house and mortgage can you afford?

June 7th. 2017 | Tools

Curious as to what type of house and mortgage you can afford? To get a rough idea simply…

Simple Ways to Invest in Your Yard for Big Returns

May 18th. 2017 | Tips

To potential buyers, what’s out in the front yard and in behind a house can be just as important as what’s inside it…

Should We Sell Our Home When We Retire?

April 3rd. 2017 | Tips

Downsizing can free up funds for your retirement and cut down on day-to-day expenses. But do the pros really outweigh the cons?…

DIY Doormat

March 23rd. 2017 | Inspiration

One of the first impressions visitors expereince from your home is your welcome mat! After some time these can get pretty worn out due to…

How Home Appraisals Are Calculated

March 23rd. 2017 | Tips

Home appraisers value property by doing a walk-through of the house and then using one of two standard valuation methods: either the “sales comparison approach” or the “cost approach.”..

What is Land Transfer Tax?

March 23rd. 2017 | Tips

You are still required to pay the land transfer tax as a first time buyer however, you may be eligible for a refund of all or part of the land transfer tax…