How Much Does it Cost to Buy a House?

March 8th. 2017 | Tips

Buying a home is a big investment – likely the largest one you will ever make. The cost to buy a home should be carefully considered to avoid the risk of…

Buying vs Renting, What’s Better?

February 21st. 2017 | Tips

Should you rent, or should you buy? It’s a question that most Canadians will ask themselves at one point or another in their lifetime. Those who choose to rent often wonder if they’re…

4 Ways to Save a Down Payment

January 20th. 2017 | Tips

Have you ever asked yourself “how am I ever going to save enough money for a down payment on a house”? Well there are a lot of ways that you can….

How the Internet Can Help Sell Your Home

January 20th. 2017 | Tips

If you’re looking for ways to increase awareness of your property and attract potential buyers, consider advertising your home online….

Creative House Numbers

December 29th. 2016 | Inspiration

The outer look of the house represents you the most. It is the first impression that gives to the people who first enter your home. So get crafty….

Hiring a Home Inspector

December 12th. 2016 | Tips

Buying a home is the largest investment most consumers will ever make. Before buying, you should know what condition the home is in and what repairs might be needed….