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How Appraisers Value a Home

Real estate appraisals take many different forms. An appraisal is a type of inspection that results in an estimate of a home’s value. Mortgage lenders require a real estate appraisal as part of their underwriting in order to verify the value of collateral for a loan.

Direct Comparison Approach:
This approach compares the subject to similar properties that have sold, are for sale, and that have expired and estimates a house value based on the market comparables. This is the typical approach for a residential property, in which similar sales are considered and adjustments for differences are made based on market evidence of factors that influence purchase decisions – for example, a finished basement versus an unfinished basement.

Cost Approach:
This approach estimates the cost to replace or reproduce the property, then applies depreciation for a number of components (physical, functional, external obsolescence, etc).

Income Approach:
This approach estimates the potential income of the subject and applies the appropriate mathematical function (capitalization rate, Gross income Multiplier, etc).

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