One of the first impressions visitors expereince from your home is your welcome mat! After some time these can get pretty worn out due to weather and extended use, but before you go purchase a brand new one think about possibly refreshing your old one!

Here’s a quick tutorial of how to kick some life back into an old welcome mat

1 | Quick Clean Your Doormat

Chances are you’ve got an old doormat laying around ready to be transformed into a beautiful new work of art. Simply dust off that old doormat and give it a quick comb to rid any bugs or dirt stuck in the fibres.

2 | Choose a Colour 

Planning ahead by choosing a style or layout you’d like your new doormat to be will help you decide on colours. Also think about the front of your home and how you could match the style to the exterior design. Once you’ve decided on a colour begin by giving your old doormat a few coats of new paint. Spray paint would work best.

3 | Write a Message

Create a greeting for your visitors to see or just stick with a pattern. A simple “hello” will do or explore other potential messages to leave at your doorstep.

4 | Dry and Enjoy!

Once the paint has dried and you are happy with your message go ahead and place your new doormat out for the world to see!

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